Barr Amendments

September 21, 2017
The U.S. House of Representative has, in effect, told HUD to STOP its overreach. MHI is celebrating a unanimous vote by the House to accept the Barr Amendments which specifically prohibit HUD from using any of the funds made available by Congress in Fiscal Year 2018 to implement, administer, or enforce three HUD actions. Those actions are: 1) the regulation of garages and carports; 2) frost free foundation requirements; and 3) onerous new requirements of the on-site completion of construction. Read the amendments herehref://

We are assured that there will be changes at HUD soon (expected at the beginning of October). The end game for MHI is re-organization at HUD. Because the Office of Manufactured Housing is almost “buried” at HUD, it is taking time for us to see the rollbacks in overregulation that others are seeing under the new administration. We are under the Office of Risk Management, under the FHA, under Secretary Carson. A recent nomination at the FHA was an important event we needed before we will see change.